gravity & grace (2021)

Hand-dipped candles, cable-ties, and speakers

Inspired by queer interpretations of French social and religious philosopher, Simone Weil, from her posthumous collection of aphorisms titled, 'La pesanteur et la grâce'. The cable ties, known for their utilitarianism and cheap restraint, are joined together, creating a connection from one side of the gallery space to the other. The hand-dipped, soy candles point downward and weigh down the cable tie structure, subverting the functionality of the object. Two stereo-panned speakers on either sides of the gallery play manipulated whispers reading Weil's aphorisms or hushed erotic talk.

HAVE YOU SEEN ? (2021)
Audio-visual installation

"HAVE YOU SEEN?" is a site-specific sound and video installation on display at Cherry Street Pier in Philadelphia, PA. The work utilizes simulated surveillance footage from inside the pier as well as object detection to investigate the shortcomings of verbal communication, false notions of individualism, contemporary anxieties, and the omnipresence of surveillance. Every time a question such as "HAVE YOU SEEN YOU?" or "HAVE YOU SEEN THEM?" appears on the large monitor, a text-to-speech voice reads the question aloud on the pier's speaker system.

tether (2021)

Algorithmically generated audio, speakers, subwoofer, and cable-ties

Two stereo-speakers playing algorithmically generated iphone notifications accompanied by a subwoofer layering sub-frequencies. The two speakers and subwoofer are tightly tethered to the wall by a cable-tie structure.

Audio-visual installation

'YOU WILL NEVER TRANSCEND?' explores the death drive and the human desire for transcendence. The use of rapid, footage and stroboscopic effects creates a sense of disorientation and intensity, which mimics the struggle to break free from the limitations of the human condition.

Body of
7 minutes 32 seconds

every kind of reward constitutes a degradation of energy
25 painted trophy assemblage